Papa Pals Make a Difference: Make Money While Helping Others

Need a Job with Flexible Hours? Papa Needs Pals in Your Community

By Kara Ault, Macaroni Kid Fayetteville & Rogers-Bentonville Publisher August 22, 2022

My grandparents had been married for 65 years when my grandmother began showing signs of Alzheimer's disease. We hired caregivers for her, but my grandpa didn't need medical care. What he did need was companionship because he could no longer visit with his wife of many years.

The author applied for and obtained a job with Papa to facilitate the writing of this review. The author received compensation for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are their own.

I wish at the time a service like Papa had existed. Papa helps health plans and employers connect members and their families to real people for help with companionship, everyday tasks, transportation, and more. They recognize the importance of human connection and their program brings it right to the doors of those who need it. 

I have been working part-time as a Papa Pal since May and these are a few things I've learned about this wonderful program:

  • Hours are truly flexible. Want to work only on Thursday afternoons? Log into the app, check which visits match your mileage preference and time range, and accept the job.
  • Papa Pal visits are so rewarding! For my second Papa Pal visit, I picked up the client at her apartment and drove her to her doctor's appointment. She is very independent, but can no longer drive. I also assisted her in filling out forms in the doctor's office and provided companionship during the waiting time. I drove her back home, with a requested stop at a drive-thru restaurant for lunch for her on the way home. She was so kind and enjoyable and truly appreciated the help, and it made me feel great being able to assist.
  • Papa makes it very easy to track mileage so they can reimburse you for it. You simply click the "Start Commute" button when you're on your way, then click the "Start Visit" button when you arrive. It is also very simple to track hours with the click of a button.
  • Papa Pals do not provide any medical services, so this is a job that anyone who has a kind heart and enjoys people can do. (You must complete the application and be able to pass a background check.)

Papa bridges that gap between being independent and needing medical care by providing Papa Pals for people who need something in between. My grandpa would have really benefitted from having a Papa Pal visit with him once a week or a Papa Pal driving him to his doctor's appointment when he could no longer drive.

Papa is hiring new Papa Pals in communities across the country.

Papa may be perfect for you. Papa Pals receive hourly pay (most Papa Pals make around $20/hr when bonuses apply). Papa pays for your commute mileage to and from visits. The company also pays mileage if you do a transportation visit that is more than 10 miles. Bonuses are also available. Along with your pay rate, you can earn daily and weekly bonuses to increase your earnings.

Check out Papa Pal opportunities near you here.

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