5 Things To Do This Week With Kids

Eat waffles, smooch the dog, learn about whale sharks, and more this week!

By Kara Murphy August 23, 2022

Looking for family fun this week? We have ideas for you! Here are five fun things to celebrate Aug. 24-31 with kids:

1. Get the syrup out

On this day in 1869 Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York, patented the waffle iron, changing Sunday brunches forever. Make waffles for your kids on National Waffle Day, or head to your favorite breakfast spot to celebrate! Aug. 24

2. Think of poor Pluto

Pluto Demoted Day commemorates that day in 2006 when it was announced poor Pluto had been demoted from its planetary status. Have kids interested in space? It's the perfect time to pique your kids' interest with the James Webb Space Telescope sending back unbelievable pictures. Follow the telescope and its latest images on NASA's site. Aug. 24

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3. Be a burger boss 

Celebrate National Burger Day by heading to your favorite burger joint! Aug. 25


4. Smooch that dog 

It's Dog Day, which means it's time to celebrate and spoil your favorite pup! Do you really need that as an excuse? We sure don't. Every day is Dog Day around here. True for you too? Spoil your sweet four-legged fur babies with special homemade treats of Peanut Butter Banana Pup Cakes or Peanut Butter Dog Treats today! Aug. 26

5. Learn about the biggest fish in the ocean

The biggest fish in the ocean is the endangered whale shark! They can grow to be longer than a school bus! Celebrate this amazing peaceful creature today by learning more about it on International Whale Shark Day. Aug. 30