Our First & Favorite Holiday Tradition: Hanna Andersson Pajamas

Time to pick up those amazing holiday prints!

By Kelly Fitzpatrick, publisher of Macaroni KID Armonk - Chappaqua - Mount Kisco - Pleasantville, N.Y. November 15, 2023

Many things have changed since my family has grown from its original size of three that included me, my husband, and my stepdaughter, Natalia. In a whirlwind of years, we’ve added a dog and doubled our total human count, welcoming our fourth child this December! 

As the oldest, Natalia may have gotten sparkly holiday dresses and elaborate surprise elf poses, but nowadays, with so many littles in tow, I’m probably not going to be the mom getting the lights up right after Thanksgiving.

And that’s okay!

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Especially because one of our most cherished traditions, wearing matching Hanna Andersson pajamas, has only grown as our family has.  

Great pictures, great memories

The fun of matching jammies for us all started with a holiday at my parents’ home filled with siblings and significant others. The partners looked at each other, smiling as everyone opened coordinating sets. Then we took pictures on the stairs, which are some of our most treasured photos. We belly-laughed our way through the evening as we posed ... and that was before there were even kiddos in the picture to bring all the more fun!

For my son’s first Christmas, a close friend picked up the tradition and bought my new nuclear family (including Biscuit!) a favorite Hanna Andersson print, Dear Deer. From there, iconic Hanna Andersson jammies became our gift of choice for new parents, and we continued to grow our own collection with each addition to our family. 

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While finding just the right ones for my family signals a start to the festive season for me, I’ve also started shopping the collection year-round! 

There are so many things we love about Hanna Andersson classic pajamas. For one, our children look forward to opening their pajama gifts at the start of the season. It’s how we know the holidays are coming, along with all the joy they bring us. My husband and I love watching them snuggle together as we count down to Christmas, making gingerbread houses, finding the aforementioned elf, watching family movies, and through all the cookie baking. 

Practical, durable AND adorable

While the sentimentality is enough to keep us returning year after year, the practicality also wins out. These jammies have lasted! Our upcoming December baby will have a wardrobe of PJs to choose from. The sustainability of their hand-me-down quality can’t be beat. Our Hanna Andersson pajamas have lasted through all spills, coming out of each wash with the same durability and shape as they went into it with. 

Additionally, Hanna Andersson is unique in their sizing, going by height and not just age. With fold-down cuffs, parents can easily squeeze an extra year out of each set without sacrificing style or comfort. It sure beats cutting the feet out of the footies like when I was a kid!

Children of all ages also benefit from the comfort. Flatlock seams, the absence of tags, and organic cotton make Hanna Andersson pajamas easy to move, play, and sleep in. It can be hard to talk my crew out of their jams and into getting dressed in the morning, and truthfully, we all love a lazy Saturday where we might only change from one set to the next for bed. 

With elastic waists and limited zippers and buttons, Hanna Andersson pajamas are built for independence at an early age. Heavily pregnant myself as we approach the holidays, I’m even more appreciative of the ease of movement and gentle stretch that Hanna Andersson pajamas offer.

'Today is the happiest day!'

This year my family is decked out in the Winter Green and Ski Slope prints. We love to mix and match all the fun and original prints. There are 33 patterns to choose from, including both seasonal and holiday styles. 

My younger kids love inheriting a sibling’s pair just as much as they love the new prints I surprise them with. My husband gives me the same look every season once they’ve arrived, but he enjoys a family tradition even more than I do and gets into both the spirit and the pajamas in no time. It’s all part of the scene that repeats, along with the fun year after year.  

As we move into the holiday season, my four-year-old names the days for activities with “hot cocoa day” being a favorite. When presented with his new Hanna Andersson Ski Slope Long John Pajama Set in honor of this day, he actually exclaimed, “Today is the happiest day! I just can’t stop my smile!” These memories will be just as special to my children as they are to us.  

There’s something about matching Hanna Andersson family pajamas that kicks off the season's magic and brings an extra bit of cheer. Want to get your own? 

Start your own family tradition: 

Peruse all the prints and shop the Hanna Andersson collection now!